The City of College Station is hosting its first Civic CodeFest. We look forward to hosting the smartest and the brightest tech enthusiasts.

CS CodeFest is a weekend of fun and learning with technology and data. You will have great fun in developing solutions, meeting awesome people, and making cool stuff. There will also be opportunity to learn interesting details about our City, win cool prizes, and network with our sponsors.

The food is on us. There will be plenty of food and snacks available to keep you energized. We encourage you to bring your own food if you have any dietary restrictions.

Make sure to bring your own laptop (or desktop if you want) and valid student ID or government ID. You can also bring a pillow and blanket if you want to get comfortable. 

We look forward to this event that will produce technology that can be used within your community. We even have a list of projects. 

Below are some of the ideas that we have received from the community:

The data needed for some of these projects are available on our City Website, Open Data site, or GIS Open Data site.

  • Develop an app or map that has all resources like charities and food pantries with all of their hours of operations. Include documents that community members would need to qualify for that service.
  • How can we identify affordable housing in College Station?
  • Solution(s) that would promote the artsy and vibrant culture of College Station?
  • How to better find and access shared transportation?
  • Develop an app for college students and property owners who live off campus. The app would provide helpful information on City Codes, laws and other information about being a good neighbor and College Station citizen. This app would also notify the property owners about any citations for their property and in turn, minimize the citations and tickets on properties.
  • How to predict potholes?
  • How to monitor and let people know about live parking data in College Station?
  • Where are the food deserts in College Station?
  • How can we use 211 data to provide a reliable form of non-emergency transportation to the community living on the outskirts of town so that they get to their doctor appointments, pharmacy and pick up groceries? Can we pair the community citizens who need rides with volunteers or paid drivers using 211 as a dispatch?
  • Develop and app or website that can help new parents in the community find or contain interactive activities by age groups so they can help their kids build strong cognitive and literacy skills.
  • Develop an app or website that can help everyone in the community reach financial stability by educating them on the different types of loans and credit cards. For example, making them aware of the hidden fees. This app can also help improve their credit score.
  • Develop an app or website that can pair volunteers in the community with events that are actively seeking volunteers
  • Develop an app or website with the many statistics about College Station that are broken down into different categories so the community can use a search engine to type a key word and find out statistics related to that key word.
  • Develop a Parks Events app where the College Station community and visitors can find events they like depending on a filtered search.
  • An app for civilian training about acute emergencies (heart attacks, strokes, hemorrhage). The citizens could learn through pictograms ( style) and be more prepared to react to emergencies while help is one the way. It would be great if this app were interactive and gave a certificate at the end of the training.
  • Develop an app for the community that has everything about the City from services to calendars that has all the events. It would even direct people to the right building or person depending on the service they want.
  • Create a Chatbot that could guide residents on city services
  • Implement a map or app for adopting a bike lane so that they are clean for the community bike commuters.

We have listed our first prize, the other prizes are TBA so keep an eye out for them!

The judges will be announced later as well!

CodeFest is a 24-hour event. See below for our tentaive schedule and FAQ:

CodeFest schedule for the August 17, 2019

th CodeFest schedule for August 18, 2019

Breakout Session

  • Cyber Security Session @ 3pm on Saturday, August 17, 2019



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  • Everyone over 15 years of age is welcome to participate in this event 
  • You have to be present at the venue and sign up through our Eventbrite link before registration closes.


You are welcome to build a demo or a working prototype. Prove to us that your solution or idea will work. Be ready to pitch your soutions to our wonderful judges in just a few minutes. Keep it short and sweet! :)

We do not have any limitations on what programming languages or developer kits to use so you are welcome to use whatever you are comfortable using in order to find solutions.  


Judge 1

Judge 1

Judge 2

Judge 2

Judge 3

Judge 3

Judge 4

Judge 4

Judge 5

Judge 5

Judging Criteria

  • Civic Need
    Does this project address a civic need? Does it affect a number of people in the community?
  • Originality
    Is this project original? Has it been implemented before? Did the follow existing patterns and solutions?
  • Execution
    Does the hack work? Is it testable and does the group have a minimum viable product? Does their idea come to live with their demo?
  • Sustainable
    Can it reach completion? Is the idea feasible? Does it have economic and societal value? Is it sustainable?
  • Pitch
    Were they convincing of their solution and enthusiastic? Was it long or short? Did they get to the point?


  • Social Good
  • Productivity
  • Lifehacks